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Derpin' Djent named Iskandar
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sexting for the first time like


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Just a subtle transformation but hey, gained a nipple throughout the years! Lol
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Already rocking that calf of peace haha 😂 photo ca. 1997-1998 #tbt #calves #natty

It’s that time of the month again 😪
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Just chillin’ w this beast on my shoulder. LOL hardest selfie ever 😂

Slight miscalculation

Slight miscalculation

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Porter Robinson



The Yellow dots will seem to disappear as you stare at the green one.

Note: In this demonstration the observer focuses at the flickering green dot in the middle. After about 10 seconds, the observer sees one, two or all three of the static yellow dots arranged at the corners of an imaginary equilateral triangle disappear and then reappear. These disappearances and reappearances continue at random for as long as the observer cares to look.